Welcome to the only TDR250 owners forum on the internet (that I know of). This site was born out of the well known RD Forum, after I had seen a couple of posts asking for a dedicated TDR Forum. I had recently handed over another website to a US developer, so thought I better invest my time in something that people wanted, and here it is.

The main part of the site is the Forum area, this is only here so the site can be found on search engines like Google. Inside the Forum you can participate in Questions & Answers (technical or not), view a gallery of other owners bikes, join the online TDR register, or just view the goings on as a guest.

My objective is to create the Ultimate homepage for the TDR250, this will come over time as I develop my web skills. We are still in our early days, the site was launched in late April 2005, and so far we have just over 60 registered users.

If you have any idea's on how to make this site any better, please contact me via email, or a Private Message on the Forum. If I agree with your idea's & I am able to do it, I will.

So head on over to the Forum and check things out.